New Home Construction

new-home-constructionNew home construction in Middle Tennessee has been on the rise in recent years.  With 95 builders in 259 communities, Middle Tennessee is a hot market for new construction homes.

Looking into buying a new construction home?  Below are some differences between the different types of new home building processes

Custom homes generally allow the home buyers to pick and choose their specific needs.  However, there are two types of custom home builders.  The first one is the home buyer to design their floor plan, amenities, colors, lot choice, etc.  This usually require the home buyer to draft up the floor plan and meet with the builder for other specifications.  A custom home builder may offer everything from designing to building, or just general contractor services.  Custom homes builders are typically smaller volume builders and tend to build larger, luxury homes.  However, a custom home can still be a small to medium sized home.  The custom home process is a littler longer as you typically will meet with an architect, contractors, designers to determine your specific needs.  Custom homes tend to the most expensive type of new home construction and will take a little longer than a standard spec home (see below).

Spec homes are homes built by a builder with no specific buyer in mind and are typically located in a neighborhood the builder is developing.  The builder determines which house will go on which lot and starts the build process.  During the build process, the home can be purchased before construction is completed.  When looking at spec homes, some might be fully finished and ready for occupancy,  while some may be in various stages of construction.  There is a set time during the build process where changes to the options may not be made and this is due to the various permits and materials that need to be ordered.  Sometimes, options are able to be changed, but be aware there maybe an additional change fee involved so unless it is a necessity it is better to stick with the plan offers.  Spec homes are a good purchase allowing you a brand new construction home with new appliances, carpet, tile, etc. and still offer a home warranty.  Spec homes can range from smaller ranch style cottages, to large luxury mansions.

Middle Tennessee offers a large selection of home builders (custom and spec).




Why  Buy New?

Energy Efficiency – New construction homes are built with energy efficiency in mind.  From superior insulation to double/triple pane windows, newly built homes can help lower your energy bills.  Many efficient construction designs include Low VOC Paints, LED Lighting, passive attic ventilation system, low flow toilets, programmable thermostats, tank less water heaters and mold resist carpet padding.


Optimization for Living – With an abundance of floor plans and elevations to choose from, you can find a new home that fits the needs of you and your family.  New homes are built to fit the needs of modern life and offer spacious floor plans.  You have the ability to find the exact home you are looking for offering the space you need.  New home communities can offer some of the most modern amenities including pools, walking trails, playgrounds and more.


Home Warranty – With today’s home builders, they offer modern construction with advanced materials.  New homes will typically offer a 10-year warranty to ensure a safer and worry free home.  New construction homes are built to the city and states most updated building codes and are inspected throughout the construction process.


Middle Tennessee is booking with new home construction.  Having worked for a national home builder here in Middle Tennessee, I have extensive knowledge of the construction process, along with lending requirements.  I can help guide you through the New Home Construction purchase and ensure a smooth transaction.


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